We use custom software developed with the latest machine learning applications to maximize our return on each item depending on quality, rarity, quantity and over a dozen other attributes.


Protect Your Brand

Detailed tracking from the time we receive your products to the time it is sold to the end consumer. With 24/7 access to our tracking software, you will never again have to worry about where your products are being sold.


Customer Service

Our business model is very simple. Amaze customers throughout the entire shopping experience and raise their expectations. This is a never-ending and ever-changing strategy that is transforming the industry.


Our values and core beliefs revolve around creating long term business partnerships. We offer full access through your dashboard allowing you to benefit from all the data, reviews, pictures, and content collected through the selling process of your inventories.


We have done all the hard work, so you can focus on making the best products while taking advantage of all the benefits of selling Direct to Consumer.

Phusia is a technology company, built from the ground up incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Frameworks in everything we do in order to dominate the Direct to Consumer Industry, while not competing with your current retail clients

Phusia is so much more than just a wholesale account. We believe in transparency to create win-win synergy’s. This means you will receive all the data we collect, which is the main benefit of doing it yourself, without the need to open a new division to handle shipping, customer service, returns, and packaging.

We use our own state of the art AI combined with the best-paid software in order to maximize the entire customer experience. Sellers online nowadays are brand ambassadors and we have created a platform to make it as easy as possible to take advantage of the direct to consumer movement without the need to compete against your own retail accounts.

Extra Freebies

Storefront Management

We can utilize Enhanced Brand Content to create your own Amazon Storefront, a Rakuten + eBay store, and more. We have our own full-time photographers, developers and content creators that will treat your storefront as their own. Our benefit and pay structure makes this extremely rewarding and in turn very effective.

Security & Speed

All data is secured by multiple Amazon Web Services for 90 days then completely wiped. We need to store this order related data to reference any customer or shipping queries.


MAP Protection

We monitor which sellers, and for what price your item is being sold for on all the top marketplaces. Get real-time updates on MAP violators and assistance in quickly removing sellers misrepresenting your brand. We also watch for any changes or inaccurate information to enforce a seamless customer experience across all channels.


As of 02-02-2018, we have a 1.8% average return rate. We have our own retail store alongside off-price retail partnerships so we can process and sell returns.


All Advertising we do is on our own dime and is always in the backend. Unless requested we never change what the customer sees. We use our own software to identify trending brands and unique words to spend our money on acquiring new customers for your brand, providing a win-win solution.


We use Amazon CloudFront to host your images. Which means you do not have to worry about having your own server and worry about extra costs. It’s lightning fast and allows you to easily add images to any of your own projects