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Aladdins Flying Carpet Game


Pile on the treasure, but dont let it fall! Aladdins flying carpet game magically floats in mid-air. Reach into Aladdins bag and take out a piece of the treasure and carefully place the treasure on the flying carpet. Dont make the carpet fall, or all...

Outset Media



The JEOPARDY! travel edition allows you to play the classic TV show anywhere you go! Just like the show, the game features Jeopard!, Double Jeopardy! and Finals Jeporady rounds just dont forget to answer in the form of a question.

Alex Brands

Alex Art on wheels


Monkey see, monkey match the colours and build the tower at tall as can be! Kids can play in groups from 2 - 8 players and will have fun learning colours, matching, and patterning as well as honing fine motor and spacial skills playing this simple early...